Travis Seeger

Invested with a desire to create and build, Travis Seeger embarked on a lifelong journey as an artist at an early age and readily admits he has considered nothing else.  Drawing and painting served as staples early in his artistic development with a serious pursuit of commercial art in high school.  A chance enrollment in a ceramics class at the age of sixteen cemented Travis’ future as a sculptor.
“It was like someone flipped a switch.  I had been drawing for years and was considered fairly skilled, and within maybe two months I was doing my best work in clay.”
This early focus in ceramic sculpture fostered a desire to work on a larger scale, and Travis moved decidedly towards a future in metal with an apprenticeship at a local welding shop in Sacramento, California.
“I walked into Western Welding Works and offered to work there for free, as I was a sculptor and needed to learn how to weld.  As I recall, they never actually said yes.  I was simply told to return the next day with steel-toe boots and cotton clothing, because anything with polyester in it would turn me into a match.”
In 1998 Travis founded an art studio in his hometown.  He works in a variety of mediums with an emphasis on metal and functional art.
The initial attraction to steel was because of its strength and structural integrity as a medium.  “It seemed to defy gravity.  I could build a cube out of metal and set it alight on one tiny corner.  It was in fact the first thing I did.”
“Although metal can be arduous to work with, even dangerous,” Travis explains, “you can work quickly in it with ambition, as every good weld is delightfully permanent.”
Illustrating the balance between nature and architecture in a contemporary minimalist fashion, Travis is strongly influenced by the connotation of shapes and textures.  He often represents metals in a manner incongruous with their nature, transforming rusted earthen metal into a precise geometric shape or weaving stainless steel strips into an organic formation.
“The context and discerning composition of his pieces heighten their spirit, allowing viewers to clear their visual palette and experience the full nature of the medium and intent of the artist.”
His work was displayed in northern California and produced numerous commission pieces for private collections, retail shops and restaurants.  His creations ranged from fine and functional art to contemporary furniture design and fabrication.  Today Travis and his wife Sabrina live in Elgin, Texas and he focuses primarily on metal sculpture.