Franz Collection

FRANZ Collection

The FRANZ Collection vision is to revive the fine art of porcelain by incorporating the cultural heritage through their products and to promote a sustainable civilization by living harmoniously with mankind, the earth and all living creatives.

The most important elements of their creativity is to incorporate the culture of ancient oriental porcelain and its traditional craft through creativity and design. FRANZ porcelain interprets the art of fine porcelain by combining the contemporary flare of both East and West into contemporary lifestyles to draw an impressive number of worldwide followers.

The FRANZ Collection aims toward developing the finest and most unique porcelain in the world. Through comprehensive development and creativity they focus their energy on building a prestigious world wide brand to be enjoyed by everyone who recongnizes the fine are of porcelain.

Every piece is always hand sculptured and hand painted porcelain that will enhace your decor and beautifully reflect your own personal style