Moodbox Design

These stunning pieces are one of a kind onyx sculptures, hand carved out of stalactites thousands of years old from the caves in the Tecali de Herrera municipality of central Mexico by the region’s most celebrated artists.  It is believed that onyx from this region has been used and treasured since the time of the Aztecs.  Carving techniques are passed down from one generation of artists to the next.  The pieces are best known for their ‘rough cut’ design which blends the natural, ‘rough’ edge of the stone with a smooth and polished finish.  The artists use the rarest and most beautiful ‘banded onyx’ which includes bands of red, white and green.  Each piece of stone is as unique as a fingerprint, as are the magnificent sculptures carved from them.

About the designer:

Architect and Designer Edgar Delgado created Moodbox Design in 2007. His mission is to awake consciousness, love, order, history and passion for design and traditional workmanship.

Love and respect of nature’s designs inspire Edgar to create the illusion of stillness, movement and flow. New forms are juxtaposed with past interpretations of design and beauty that were based in more realistic, linear and geometric elements. The composition of these disparate and contrasting design elements seek to create unique objects of collection where Edgar’s reassurance of history is reflected and the past becomes the artist’s background.

Edgar believes in the love of handcrafted objects that are created with a soul. The physical evolution from these objects can be spawned into new ideas and objects which become unique.

Natural materials like stone and wood are worked by specialized craftsmen using traditional techniques. Every material is handpicked by the artist.

In order to create Moodbox’s Objects of Collection Edgar works with various artists and upcoming designers. In 2009 he formed “Moodbox Collective” which seeks to integrate these artists and designers who share Edgar’s mission and passion to connect disparate historic eras and design concepts alternately referring to tradition and modern needs in order to create unique objects.