Robert Minney

Robert Minney was born in San Diego, but grew up in San Francisco where he attended Lowell High School, San Francisco City College and California College of Arts and Crafts. After graduating from San Jose State University, he worked as an illustrator and advertising director for 25 years.

Before turning his attention to sculpture, this meticulous artist was an accomplished watercolorist with paintings in collections around the world. Although he has won numerous awards for his painting, he has always had a natural talent and latent desire to become a sculptor. When he retired from the advertising business at age 55, he decided to devote his time to expressing this talent.  At last he was able to construct in three dimensions, ideas that had lain dormant for years. The result is a collection of nude and social commentary sculpture that evokes delight and admiration.

Having worked in the business community for over 25 years, Robert takes great joy in his social commentary pieces which poke fun at the situations and types of people with whom he once worked. Sculpture such as Corporate Ladder and Rat Race portray the feelings and actions that sometimes inhabit the business world.  Some say that his depictions are too true to be funny, other are delighted with the personality and character that are revealed. All agree, however, Robert’s exquisite handling of detail and unique ideas offer a wonderful visual experience.

Robert has also created a group of pieces that he describes as stylized nudes. These contemporary bronzes are gracefully exaggerated depictions of the human figure.  His goal is a piece that has movement, a subtle variety of design elements and interesting shapes that work together to give the illusion of grace and elegance.  It’s as if he sees the human figure and wants to enhance its beauty. The use of contemporary patinas make the bronzes appear to be carved out of granite.