Peter Bellonci

Peter Bellonci was born in 1935 in Brooklyn NY to a southern Italian mother and a Northern Italian father.  The flow of the northern Italian combined with the “rapid fire” southern Italian shows itself in the fluidity of the work even as the process involves the banging of hammer against chisel.

Peter is a self-taught artist who started drawing as a child.  Over the years he has experimented with different media including pen and ink, oil, acrylic,& watercolor paints as well as clay.

In 1992 he discovered his passion for stone.  The opportunities it provides have kept him happily engaged in stone sculpture ever since.

Not only does stone sculpting connect Peter to his Italian heritage, it presents tremendous opportunity for deep contemplation.

Because Peter works only with hand tools – hammer and chisel, rasps, rifflers and sandpaper – he feels himself caressing time and evolution as the crusty outer layer of each stone breaks away inviting him in deeper.

Peter came to Texas in 1979 to marry Gio and now devotes his time to sculpting, to cooking – another Italian passion! – and to reading.