George Ponzini

“Architecture is one of my interests which has had a major influence on my work. Though I had at one time considered becoming an architect, I enjoy glass as a medium and have directed my architectural energies into my glass works.”

George’s current style of work, “Art-tec-tectural”, originated with containers that were a reaction to the stained glass box. These containers were art deco influenced, free of lead, and composed of fabricated glass parts that were glued together. A piece os typically designed hands-on, using an inventory of glass parts instead of drawings. These parts consist of rods and bottles from Italy, textured glass from Argentina and France, structural glass from Czechoslovakia, pyrex rods and tubes from Corning, wire safety glass, black glass, vaccine bottles, antique glass insulators, drinking glasses from West Virginia, and marbles. The glass is either cut on a saw or with a carbide glass cutter. Then the parts are ground on a diamond impregnated grinding wheel or on discs of varying grit. The etched patterns are sandblasted. The parts are then glued with an ultra-violet sensitive glue or with a silicone adhesive, completing the piece.

George Ponzini presently lives and works in Keene, NH. He has been working in his current style since the mid-80s. Having originally worked in stained glass since ’74, his subsequent studio visits, attendance in workshops, and travels that have spanned 20 years, and fueled the exploration of his current innovative technique and style. His other architectural projects include the designing and building of a post and beam salt-box style house, a barn-like studio, a 4000 sq. ft. contemporary house-studio combination, and his current project: renovation of a 1926 Dutch Colonial house and conversion of the attached floral shop into his studio.