Paul E. Neumann

Paul E. Neumann is a relative newcomer to the Austin fine arts world. Born in Chandler, Arizona in 1965, to an Air Force pilot father, he’s deeply appreciated the great beauty and colors of the American southwest; having traveled many times between Arizona, New Mexico, and eventually settling in Texas when he was 12. After graduating High School in San Antonio in 1983, he was granted a full scholarship to The San Antonio Art Institute; and after a brief enlistment in the Army, he returned to Texas and settled here in 1994. With his natural eye for form, symmetry, balance and color, he has busily remained a self-employed graphics, mural, and faux artist here for over 24 years.

He has always been a realist when it comes to his art. Having been inspired by the American western painters like Charles Russell, Frederic Remington, and G.W. Harvey; as well as old European masters such as Vermeer and Rembrandt, he has always felt that the natural world offered more than enough to keep him forever challenging his need to emulate them on canvas or paper. Since nature offers this unlimited palette, he would never exclude any medium, however currently he prefers working only in either oils or acrylics. Now, at 55, he would like to enjoy the serene pleasure of using his talents to render images of Austin, it’s flavor, it’s people, and it’s surrounding landmarks in paintings for many years to come.