Haley Lebeuf


 Haley Lebeuf, designer and jeweler, is a graduate of the University of Texas. She began making jewelry in earnest in 2007. After beginning her jewelry education, Haley gained extensive experience in several professional jewelry settings.  Her skill set includes soldering, forging, casting and several types of stone setting. Haley worked throughout the fine jewelry industry for nearly four years before launching her own line. Designs are predominately crafted in sterling silver.  Haley weaves several gold products throughout her collections.  For heavy wear items, such as hoops and rings, 14k gold fill is used.  For larger scale gold pieces, each item is individually plated in 14k gold.  When possible and economical, items are crafted in solid 14k and 18k gold. The aesthetic is feminine, modern and clean, keeping the emphasis on the stones and shapes.   Haley’s designs often play with textures that capture and reflect light. All Haley Lebeuf jewelry is handcrafted in Haley’s Austin, Texas studio.  Each item is finished with great care to ensure the highest quality for enduring jewelry.


Haley is a former small-town Texas girl.  She always tinkered with jewelry growing up and followed her calling after she finished her Advertising degree at the University of Texas at Austin. She enjoys the friendly, easy lifestyle of Austin and its bustling art community.  Haley loves fashion in all forms and is truly energized by creating jewelry.