Jeffrey P’an

Artist Statement

My work is based on the reinvention of old-world techniques in the design of modern objects.  It is important to me to maintain the transparency of the glass, the property that makes it so unique.  As the light passes through the vessel, blending the colors, patterns and textures from all sides, it creates colors and graphic interactions that vary depending on the perspective of the viewer in specific ways. Since the color patterns are made from mosaics of handmade strips, tiles and panels that are laid out and then fused together I have a reasonable amount of control over the end result. In mosaic form the patterns are very grid like and rigid. The process of shaping and blowing them into vessel form softens the lines and creates undulations in the patterns that are directly related to the colors, composition and the traditional glassblowing process.


Born: July 1970, New London, CT USA


1988 – 1989: Syracuse University, Mechanical Engineering/Industrial Design

1989 – 1990: University of Connecticut, general studies

1990 – 1990: Syracuse University, sculpture

1993 – 1993: Connecticut College, general studies

1993 – 1994: Glassblowing assistant, Foma Glassworks

1994: Glassblowing assistant, Vitresse Glass

1994 – 1996: Glassblowing assistant, Fellerman Raabe Glassworks

1994 – 1996: Glassblowing assistant, John Bolger Glass

1995: Independent study, Murano, Venice Italy

1995 – Present: Owns and operates Prescient Studios, Stonington, CT

Selected Exhibitions

Reticello 2002, Royal Collections at Rosenberg Castle, Denmark

2008: The Magic of Christmas, 7′ silver glass tree sculpture.Florence Griswold Museum, CT

2010: Underwater tower sculpture, “Tornisa” Mystic Aquarium, CT