Nicholas Swift

I am a Watercolorist, Landscape Painter & Illustrator.  Being partially color blind, transparent watercolors and grayed pencil lines allow me to paint by value rather than hue.  Loosing my parents early in life, I became deeply connected to my Native American heritage (Cherokee and Comanche), and deepened my connection to place.

I graduated with a fine arts degree with studies in biology.  Following undergrad, I went on to receive my Master in Liberal Arts.  As a teenager, I got my start illustrating off-shore oil rigs on location for corporate annual reports and websites.  When my boss won the award for best publication in industry, I decided I too could find success in a creative field.  Since then I’ve gone on to paint for further companies, universities and the catholic church.  I’ve even had my worked displayed in the New York Stock Exchange.  Working with my alma mater, I’ve painted a series for their 125 year anniversary, been offered a chance to paint their campus in Angers, France, furnished the new health center and created works for the chapel.

Thank you for viewing some of my works,
And glancing through a small window into my soul,
Nicholas G. Swift