M. Allison

A degree in Art, eight years with an advertising agency, and twenty-five years teaching art has come full circle to top honors yearly at international art shows in oil, watercolor and photography. Viewing a Laurie Justus Pace painting is a rich experience that drips with color and emotion. Her passionate works are alive with movement, boldly created with a wide brush and a palette knife. She loves working with oils, dramatically carving out the paint and transferring her energy to the canvas and ultimately on to the viewer. Pareidolia is the name for what happens when Ms. Pace gazes at her thickly applied strokes of oil paint and begins to visualize equine forms. It’s the same term used to describe the phenomena of seeing animals in clouds or faces in the moon.

Her artwork has been published and featured in numerous magazines, newspapers and books. She has been a featured artist in Western Art Collector, Appaloosa Journal, American Art Collector, the HITS on the Hudson Pfizer $1 Million Grand Prix and in Cowboys and Indians. Her work has been published on the covers of Appaloosa Journal, The Appaloosa Mountain Directory, and The Sight Hound Magazine as well as several yearbooks, publications and CD music covers.