Robert McCandless

“I began making clocks in 1985. The simple round mirrored wall clocks were an instant hit with their wild colors. The idea grew into different shapes and styles, culminating in a style that is uniquely “McCandless.”

In 1997 I introduced a line of heirloom floor clocks that were soon to be popular among the finer craft galleries. These pieces are made of solid, exotic, kiln dried hardwoods and finished with the finest detail. Woods cut from sustainable forests and finished with natural hand applied oils that release no hydroflourocarbons, give you an environmentally friendly clock. Carved glass faces hold a highly accurate quartz clock movement. The 6 to 7 foot tall pieces are stabilized by two 3″ round solid aluminum feet.

I also makes a line of small mantle, wall, and desk clocks from glass, wood, laminates, and aluminum that have been the hottest product in our line for the past few years. In this same vein I have created a line of desk clocks I call “sketches in time”. The pieces are similar in materials but each is different not only in color but in shapes of glass, aluminum, and laminate. Where can you get a unique one of a kind of a piece this size, for this price?