Brianna Vance

Raised in Austin, Texas, Brianna Vance is a self-taught resin artist that was inspired by her love for swimming. She began crafting pieces using multiple acrylic pouring techniques, explored with alcohol ink, created live edge wood works combined with resin, and was ultimately led to resin painting. She finds resin to be cleaner and more elegant looking than acrylic pouring. Many of her paintings evoke a sense of warmth and serenity while others are mystifying and immersive. For her, skateboarding and swimming were her primary sources of stress relief but now finds art as her main form of escapism that allows her creativity to expand and flourish. With resin art, there is always a sense of uncertainty about the final form it will take. This medium requires equal measures of control and letting go. The work starts with a plan, but also provides surprising results when the materials bond together. Through trial and error, she has developed techniques that capture the clarity and three-dimensional qualities of the colors. Since Brianna has found the medium of resin, she has been completely encapsulated and cannot imagine life without it.