Artworks Frame Restoration

As with oil paintings, the restoration of old picture frames can be a long and detailed process. The details of this old frame were in disrepair. The dentils on the outside edge have been badly patched before, so they were removed, cast and filled in with new sections. The rope was re-carved, then the frame refinished in an antique gold.

Components that may be included in the restoration of an antique picture frame:

  • Molding/Casting missing pieces
  • Rejoining open corners
  • Securing loose or broken pieces
  • Recreating missing pieces or parts of frame
  • Sanding, stripping, staining and/or painting
  • Metal or Gold leaf
  • Antiquing
  • Gilding (application of the leaf)
  • Photo Documentation of restoration process

All price quotes are free of charge. Come by or email us with your frame restorations needs.

Our Philosophy on Frame Restoration

We understand that frames brought to us for repair and/or restoration have a history that is very personal and dear to those who own the frames. Our aim is to do as much or as little as it will take to give our customers their perfect frame.