Artworks Art and Digital Photo Restoration

Oil Painting Restoration

Since 1985 Artworks has been cleaning, varnishing and restoring oil paintings. We take great care with this process knowing how important it is to our client that is considering having it restored.

Our Restoration Services include:

Removing old varnish
Removal of repainting

The restoration of a painting can result in a subtle change or can bring an old image to life with enriched colors and new depth.

We encourage all our customers to call or visit at anytime during the restoration process. Please contact us with any questions you may have about our restoration services.

All restoration bids are individually priced due to the unique nature of each painting. Call 512-472-1550 to schedule an appointment. 10am to 5 pm Mon-Sat.

Paper Repair and Conservation Services

Do you have old documents becoming brittle due to acidity? Maps with tears and stains from years of use?  Fine works of art mishandled during a move?  Old books that smell from years in the attic?  With the recent addition of paper conservator, Marc Bernstein MFA to our staff, these and many other common paper ailments can now be treated here at Artworks.  Please call (512) 472-1550 to set up an appointment for a free estimate for your paper objects.

We now offer:
● All aspects of paper repair and conservation
● Archival housing and storage for paper, books, and art objects
● Encapsulation
● Emergency conservation solutions
● Material analysis and authentication

Below, a rare Henri Matisse etching (“Odalisque Coucheé” 1923) conserved here at Artworks!

Treatment: Removed from acidic mount, removed adhesives, surface cleaning, UV stain reduction, and deacidification

Digital Photo Restoration

Artworks is now happy to offer DIGITAL PHOTO RESTORATION and printing services. Bring in your old and /or damaged photographs for a free estimate. Please click on images to the left to see what can be done. You might be amazed!

We offer:
Light to heavy digital retouching
Removal of red eyes, facial blemishes, dust spots, discoloration and cracking of aged paper
Restoring of missing parts
Removal of stains and burns
Make black and white photos turn to color
Make color photos turn to black and white