Our Art Restoration Services include:

Cleaning, removing old varnish, removal of repainting, repairing, inpainting, and varnishing. All restoration bids are individually priced due to the unique nature of each painting. Call 512-472-1550 to schedule an appointment.

This retablo had significant sentimental value to our customer and he wanted to refinish it with an updated look. It had fallen off the wall due to a faulty hanger, so we mended the broken pieces and gave it a brighter gold finish. The figures were given more detailed and realistic expressions.

Another common restoration involves cracking and yellowing varnish from improper storage. The varnish has to be thoroughly removed, the canvas is then cleaned inch by inch, and then a new coat of varnish is applied.

Sometimes canvas art is punctured or torn, often during the process of moving. The tear has to be patched, filled and in-painted to match the surrounding areas. 

Paper Repair and Conservation Services

Do you have old documents becoming brittle due to acidity? Maps with tears and stains from years of use?  Fine works of art mishandled during a move?  Old books that smell from years in the attic? 

We offer:
● All aspects of paper repair and conservation
● Archival housing and storage for paper, books, and art objects
● Encapsulation
● Emergency conservation solutions
● Material analysis and authentication


Treatment: Removed from acidic mount, removed adhesives, surface cleaning, UV stain reduction, and deacidification

Marc Bernstein has been working in art conservation and framing for over twenty years.  He holds an MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.  He has apprenticed in conservation under Don Etherington, founder of the lab at the Harry Ransom Center and former director of our nation’s largest private paper and rare book conservation lab.   As a conservator, Marc has worked for the Library of Congress, the National Archives, Harvard’s Dumbarton Oaks Library, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  He was a part of the team that restored the U.S. Bill of Rights. His hands have been on many of the world’s art treasures: Rembrandt etchings, Cassat pastels, Warhol prints, Picassos, Monets, letters by MLK and Abe Lincoln, and many other notable objects.  Marc is a member of The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works. He  also specializes in museum quality framing and conservation mounting, has expertise in art installation and is a master figurative sculptor and painter.  “Art, and the service and protection of art, have been and always will be my life,” Marc Bernstein.


Digital Photo Restoration

Artworks is now happy to offer Digital Photo Restoration and printing services. Bring in your old and /or damaged photographs for a free estimate. Please click on images to the left to see what can be done. You might be amazed!

We offer:
Light to heavy digital retouching
Removal of red eyes, facial blemishes, dust spots, discoloration and cracking of aged paper
Restoring of missing parts
Removal of stains and burns
Make black and white photos turn to color
Make color photos turn to black and white